Erectile Dysfunction Cured Naturally with Other Heart Healthy Benefits

I was a middle-age baby boomer and had a serious problem. I had come face-to-face with that old adage that “getting old ain’t for sissies.” I was 59 years old, recently married to a beautiful and sexually willing woman but I couldn’t perform. Little Elvis just lay there unable to rise to the occasion.

Being impotent freaked me out. I knew I wasn’t 19 years old but I didn’t want to fold up my tent and check into a nursing home either. I have loved sex all of my life and was anticipating years of mutual pleasure with my new bride. I kept my cool, however, and didn’t panic. I did what any seasoned Internet junkie would do. I immediately headed for Google and began to search for natural help. I hate drugs and their side effects that are often worse than the symptoms. For heavens sake, bim100 ข้อเข่าเสื่อม Viagra costs $10/pill and can make you go blind. That possibility sounded too much like those urban legends when I was a teenager that threatened blindness and hair growth in the middle of your palm.

Happily, my research uncovered an amino acid that promised to increase blood flow “down there.” In desperation I ordered a 3 month supply. I don’t remember how long it took but in a short time this amino acid put the wood back in my bat. I was back in the saddle again and my silly grin had returned.

Hallelujah! I continued taking the 10 horse-sized capsules every day because I didn’t want my “condition” to return. I later learned that capsules are at best 20% absorbable.

Fast forward almost a year. My associate from the late eighties who was 18 months younger than me dropped dead of a heart attack. Like over half of heart attack victims Norm’s first symptom of heart disease was death. Then several months later my business partner from the “turn of the century” (ain’t it weird being able to say that!?) suffered a massive heart attack. Bob is 7 years younger than me. He didn’t die but over a year later he is still suffering from the effects.

I began to have sympathy chest pains for my friends. I was really concerned about my cardiovascular health so I scheduled one of those nuclear stress tests where they inject radioactive dye into your blood vessels and take a zillion pictures of your heart. This test pinpoints blockage in your heart.

When my test was complete rather than wait for the doctor to call me with the results, I smoozed the technician into pulling up my results on the lab’s computer. WHEW! I had ZERO blockage. What a relief! With that good news I put my worries on the back burner… until two weeks ago when I had a “duh” moment.

Two weeks ago I discovered a liquid mixture that provides all the key nutrients for a healthy cardio system including my beloved amino acid. The science behind this amino acid is based on Nobel Prize research and tons of medical studies (75,000+ medical papers validate the science). This Nobel research found the link between nitric oxide and cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide significantly increases blood flow, makes the blood vessels more flexible and gently dissolves plaque. Coincidentally the same amino acid that I took for little Elvis was a precursor for the production of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. This was my “duh” moment. This amino acid that had increased blood flow and had restored my sex life probably was responsible for the perfect results on my stress test.

This heart healthy concoction not only has a therapeutic dose of “my” amino acid it also contains a mega shot of vitamin D3, grape seed extract, ETDA, omega 3s, B vitamins, minerals and those energizing exotic fruit juices (mangosteen, noni, acai, goji, red raspberry and tart cherry)… lots of great things for your cardiovascular system. And believe it or not, the stuff tastes pretty good.

Because the mixture is a liquid, there is a 90+% absorption rate of the nutrients. Each morning with one “down the hatch” motion this brownish swill gives my body the heart healthy nutrients it needs for superior cardiovascular health… and lots of sex. This amino acid really works!

Davis Mauldin is part of the 1946 tidal wave of baby boomers. He is happily married and lives in rural middle Tennessee where he and his wife are building their retirement home.

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