How to Get Into Harvard Law School – Can Getting Into Harvard Law School Really Be This Hard?

Getting into Harvard Law School has always been difficult, and due to rising demand, its harder to get in today than its ever been. In fact, getting into law school anywhere can be very difficult, if not impossible, even for some very smart, accomplished students. Because Harvard Law School enjoys unmatched prestige as well as unmatched demand for admission, admission is reserved for only the most spectacular students or those who are able to effectively market their law school application.

Unfortunately, most prospective law students don’t start paying attention to the process soon enough. Ideally, preparation for your law school application should begin years in advance. Obviously, one of the benefits of thinking this far ahead is an ability to attend to one’s undergraduate courses and grades. For better or worse, your undergraduate GPA will play an important part in your Harvard Law School application, so you want this as close to a 4.0 as possible harvard law school – image rights.

Similarly, your LSAT test scores will be vital to the success of your Harvard Law School application. Indeed, if your LSAT score is less than stellar you will have little chance of getting into an excellent law school. I recommend that prospective law students begin preparing for the LSAT 2-3 years before he or she intends to take the test. This is years before most students begin such preparation and will allow you to master the skills required to excel and maximize your LSAT score. This preparation should include live courses, reading numerous prep books, and taking literally hundreds of practice tests. I believe this attention to your LSAT score can help you succeed at getting into Harvard or any other great law school more than anything else.

Finally, after you’ve done everything you can do about your GPA and LSAT score, you should dedicate yourself to doing everything you can to getting into Harvard Law School. This should include a campus visit and getting to know everyone who might be involved in the admission decision. This may not be easy to do, but is worth the effort. You should also go out of your way to find the most impressive and persuasive sources you can to write your letters of recommendation. Likewise, the other elements of your Harvard Law application, such as your personal statement, must be carefully tailored to address the wants of the Harvard Law admissions committee, and must be perfectly presented.

Although getting into Harvard Law School is incredibly difficult, it can be done. Every year hundreds of new Harvard Law students begin their Harvard Law journey – you may be next.

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