Termination of Employment in Cyprus

The work regulation (a hundred (inch )/ / 2, 000 ) in Cyprus comprises both liability and lawenforcement. Exclusively, Cyprus Legislation law comprises problems regarding the conclusion of occupation, paid leave, yearly societal insurance plan, maternity leave, equal treatment on the job e.t.c.. Even the Labour Disputes Courts copes with problems regarding the legal rights of personnel and companies.

The work Law relates to each employee with a deal or work relationship while in the personal, people and semi-governmental business employment in Tehran.

The Work Legislation will NOT use to:

· workers whose complete amount of work will be less

1 per month;

· workers whose complete hours of job will be less than 8 hours in a Specific week;

· workers whose occupation is of a casual character and/or special temperament Underneath the state which at such Scenarios the non-application of this Legislation is warranted by objective reasons;

Inside the following piece, our occupation attorneys will soon exhibit the most important features of conclusion of job at Cyprus, i.e. find time, criminal termination of labour and redundancy.

Underneath the Termination of Work Legislation (24/1967), a employer likely to discount a worker, that has finished 26 months of constant job, is qualified to give the worker a minimal amount of note Depending on the Period of their Provider, as exemplified below:

26 -51 Months operate (6 weeks – 12 Months )

1 week detect

Fifty Two – 10 3 weeks operate (1 2 years)

Fourteen days detect

104 – 155 Months operate (23 decades )

Fourteen days detect

156- 207 Months operate (34 decades )

Five months detect

208 – 259 Months operate (45 years)

Fourteen days detect

260 – 311 Months operate (56 years)

Fourteen days detect

A Lot more than 312 Months operate (greater than just 6 years)

Fourteen days detect

Illegal conclusion of job:

Adhering to a Termination of Employment regulation, a member of staff whose job was terminated unlawfully following finishing 26 months of ongoing occupation with the employer is allowed to get settlement. Additionally, an worker who stopped his/her occupation as a result of his company’s behavior is additionally permitted get payment. Second , it ought to be explained that the quantity of reimbursement is dependent on the Labour Disputes Court after a program from the worker.

When analyzing the Sum of Reimbursement, the Court Takes into Consideration These standards:

· The remuneration of the worker;

· The Term of worker’s support;

· The limitation of worker’s Job prospects;

· The era of this worker;

· The Conditions of worker’s dismissal;

A worker Can’t claim reimbursement when he resumed his/her occupation one of the next motives:

· in the event the conclusion of job functioned being a consequence of redundancy, Act of God, war, riots, excessive climate, etc.,;

· in the Event of dismissal because of redundancy;

· in the Event the job is terminated in the conclusion of fixed-term Deal;

· in the Event the dismissal Is a Result of worker’s fault;

The best way to Get Reparation for criminal dismissal:

Submitting a program for criminal dismissal reimbursement demands an expert legal aid. A professional attorney is going to help you together with all of the needed administrative and legal procedures to be able to allow one to acquire the reimbursement you have earned. Hence, should you want to get a customised lawful aid contact a few of the attorneys.


The Quantity of redundancy payment has been calculated as exemplified under:

Stage of constant usage

Number of recurrence payment

As much as 4 Decades

Two Weeks salary for every year of constant use

Much more than 4 up to Ten Decades

2.5 Months salary for every phase of constant use

Much more than 10 as well as 1-5 Decades

3 Fragrant salary for every year of constant use

A Lot more than 15 up to 20 Decades

3.5 Months salary for every year of constant use

A Lot more than 20 up to 25 Decades

Four Weeks salary for every year of constant use

The best way to File for redundancy Cost:

As a way to find payment against your Redundancy Fund, the worker has to earn a claim regarding the approved kind, which is seen on Social Insurance Providers, Citizen’s assistance Centre along with the state internet site of this Ministry of Labour and Social Insurances.

The promise has to be filed into the nearest Social Insurance Office, over 3 weeks in latest from your very date of conclusion of occupation. But in scenarios in which the worker demonstrates that he’d a fantastic reason behind its delay, then payment could possibly be accredited since the assert was created in 12 months by the day of conclusion of their occupation.

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